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July 29, 2010

Strange “db file async I/O submit” wait event

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This post will not be directly related to the blog theme. I would like to discuss “db file async I/O submit” wait event. This new event was introduced in Oracle 11.2. So far it have not been described in Oracle documentation and Metalink.

At the beginning of this story, this event became the topmost background wait for one production instance under HP-UX:

                                        %Time Total Wait    wait    Waits   % bg
Event                             Waits -outs   Time (s)    (ms)     /txn   time
-------------------------- ------------ ----- ---------- ------- -------- ------
db file async I/O submit        151,159     0     35,625     236      0.7   96.3
log file parallel write         427,728     0        308       1      2.0     .8

This looks mystique. HP-UX not supports AIO for filesystem at all!


July 11, 2010

Latch get and spin instrumentation. The unknown knowns. V2

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Top 5 Timed Events
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                     % Total     Waits Time (s)
Event                                               Waits    Time (s) Ela Time   per sec  per sec
-------------------------------------------- ------------ ----------- -------- --------- --------
enqueue                                         1,801,215   3,281,392    59.82     499.9   910.74
buffer busy waits                               1,984,703   1,235,865    22.53     550.8   343.01
latch free                                      6,425,043     847,386    15.45   1,783.2   235.19
SQL*Net break/reset to client                      50,394      35,937      .66      14.0     9.97
CPU time                                                       23,828      .43               6.61

This is the statspack report for instance suffered from heavy latch contention.
Every time I saw such CPU bound Oracle instance with latch contention, I asked myself. Which part of this CPU power is currently burned for useless latch spin attempts? How many processes spin for the latch? How can we estimate this?

Unfortunately I still do not have contemporary answer yet. But in this post I would like to show that we had had such estimations before 11g.

We all do know that latch wait is instrumented well in Oracle wait interface. Oracle 11.2 has 32 specific latch wait events and one general ‘latch free’. But all these events are only for latch sleeps. Oracle Wait Interface don’t know anything about latch gets and spins.

It occurs that Oracle had instrumented the latch acquisition also, and even documented it. I do not know why it is not popular enough. This instrumentation resides in process array v$process. The fixed table behind v$process view is x$ksupr.

Of course, my post is about v$process.latchwait and v$process.latchspin. (more…)

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