Latch, mutex and beyond


My name is Andrey S. Nikolaev. I am working as performance consultant for Russian company named RDTEX at Protvino, Moscow reg.

This is the First Line Support company. We are working as intermediate between Russian customers and Oracle Support. We assist our customers in the case of maintenance, performance, recovery (repair) and other Oracle related problems. This allows us to accumulate the experience of solving real problems for hundreds of Oracle databases and applications.

Personally I am specialize in Oracle performance tuning and core internals.

RDTEX is also the Oracle University training center, and, as each of our support consultants, I am Oracle approved trainer for many of DBA courses, including the Data Server Internals seminars

Many of Russian DBAs know me as a trainer and problem solver. Occasionally, I attend some Western conferences, including the brilliant Hotsos Performance Symposium.

I was first met with Oracle 5 in 1988. Since that time my professional interests have evolved from high performance particle physics computing, through application development, to database performance consulting, but always stay centered on the performance and the efficient algorithms. This is why I am also a member of American Mathematical Society.

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  1. One of the Most userful Information about Oracle Latches[Spin Tales 1-3] from Oracle 9i to 11g

    Comment by Prashanth Subbakrishna - Oracle DBA , Bangalore — July 20, 2011 @ 2:00 pm | Reply

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