Latch, mutex and beyond


     This file is part of demos for "Mutex Internals" seminar v.22.04.2011
     Andrey S. Nikolaev ( 

     Top 10 heavily accessed library cache objects

     usage: @library_cache_objects_heavily_accessed.sql
col name format a20
col cursor format a12 noprint
col type format a7
col LOCKED_TOTAL heading Locked format 99999
col PINNED_TOTAL heading Pinned format 99999999
col EXECUTIONS heading Executed format 99999999
col NAMESPACE heading Nsp format 999
set wrap on
set linesize 80
select * from (
   select case when (kglhdadr =  kglhdpar) then 'Parent' else 'Child '||kglobt09 end cursor,
             kglhdadr ADDRESS,substr(kglnaobj,1,20) name, kglnahsh hash_value,kglobtyd type,kglobt23 LOCKED_TOTAL,kglobt24 PINNED_TOTAL,kglhdexc EXECUTIONS,kglhdnsp NAMESPACE 
               from x$kglob  
               order by kglobt24 desc)
where rownum <= 10;

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