Latch, mutex and beyond


     This file is part of demos for "Contemporary Latch Internals" seminar v.24.08.2010
     Copyright:   (c) Andrey S. Nikolaev ( RDTEX
connect / as sysdba
set pagesize 0
   The script will generate many of traces and may consume a lot of disk space.
   To suppress DIAG dumps in 11g set "_diag_daemon"=false 
drop table shared_latches;
create table shared_latches(
version varchar2(50),	/* Oracle version */
latch# number,
name   varchar2(200),
shared char(1)		/* if 'Y' then latch is shared  */

select 'sqlplus /nolog @is_latch_shared 0x'||addr||' '||latch#||' "'||translate(name,'''',' ')||'"' 
   from v$latch_parent;
spool off

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  1. […] list_shared_latches.sql. The script creates the table shared_latches to store results and generates shell script to callĀ  is_latch_shared.sql script for each latch in v$latch_parent […]

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